A new play by Daniel Cameron | Directed by Jordan BlackwoodIn Development


A caravan in the middle of nowhere. Three strangers are confined to the inside. The rules of the game are simple - one foot out of the caravan and you leave. The person who sticks it out wins. As these characters battle it out in a bid to win the caravan, tempers flare, tensions rise and darkness unravels.

Who will win? How far will they go to win? And what is it all worth in the end? 

CARAVAN takes an unflinching look at people in isolation desperate for survival and, ultimately, redemption.


I have been collaborating with writer Daniel Cameron on CARAVAN since early 2016. Daniel had the idea for the play; we spent a week devising around a first draft in a caravan along with collaborator Lisa Nicoll and actors Josh Whitelaw & Megan Hair; we presented a work-in-progress performance at the Tron Theatre; and we have been developing the concept since.

Now, we plan to develop the play further before touring a full-length production.


CARAVAN is a story which takes place over a considerable period of time with a series of visual vignettes acting as a bridge between scenes. I am interested in developing a strong physical language to heighten the raw emotion and journey each character is facing.

Due to the stifled and claustrophobic nature of the environment in which the characters find themselves, I am keen to experiment with the audience being as close to the action as possible. My current vision is to collaborate with a designer to create the frame of a caravan, giving a 360 degree view into the confined space - the audience positioned in-the-round.

Perhaps in a field. Perhaps in a studio space. Watch this space...

As a stepping stone to this, we took CARAVAN into development at Dundee Rep as part of Rep Stripped in April 2019. More info soon.